Case Studies

Columbia County CJIS Compliant

Columbia County uses Certes’ high assurance encryption overlay to achieve a FIPS certified CJIS compliant network. Also included is Certes’ interview with Wayne Craig, Director of IT at Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, regarding the County’s CJIS Audit Challenges.

Disaster Recovery

The judiciary of a U.S. state needed to protect backup data being sent to disaster recovery sites. But it had to do so without compromising network performance. Learn how Certes' solutions delivered high-performance security for disaster recovery communications.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Protecting governmental communications is mission critical, especially when those communications cross borders and traverse a range of networking technologies. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) for a European nation turned to Certes Networks’ CryptoFlow solutions for a flexible, scalable WAN security solution to protect essential communications traversing the globe.

Multinational Manufacturing

A Fortune 500 company needed to share highly sensitive information among its facilities in seven countries on three continents. Find out how the company used Certes' solutions to protect mission-critical operational and product data without increasing the risk of a data breach.

National Bank

A major national bank can't risk sending millions of financial transactions over Wide Area Networks that it does not control. See how a national bank adopted a Certes' solution to protect and control the data communications to hundreds of regional offices and branches.

Regional Bank

Communications like VoIP need to be protected when they carry sensitive data. But performance cannot be compromised for these important applications. See how a financial institution used Certes' WAN solution to secure its real-time applications between sites without affecting performance.

Data Sheets


Small Form Factor, Up to 20 Megabits


Rack Mount Appliance - Up to 20 Megabits


Small Form Factor, Up to 200 Megabits


Rack Mount Appliance - 1U, Up to 1 Gigabit


Rack Mount Server - 1U, Up to 1 Gigabit


Rack mount - 1U, Up to 1 Gigabit


Rack Mount -1U, Up to 1 Gigabit


Rack Mount - 2U, Up to 10 Gigabit


Rack Mount -1U, Up to 10 Gigabit


CryptoFlow Net Solutions enable you to set automatic traffic protection policies on any standards-based network, including LAN, WAN, WiFi, Internet, SDN/NFV and others. Solution components include CryptoFlow® Net Creator, CryptoFlow Net Enforcer, CryptoFlow Net Enforcer - Virtual Certes Enforcement Point(vCEP).


Virtualized environments: VMware, KVM


A Ciso’s Christmas Wish List

As Christmas fast approaches, CISOs and cyber security experts around the world are busy putting plans in place for 2019 and reflecting on what could have been done differently this year. So, with the festivities upon us and many longing to see gifts under the tree, here are three things that should be at the top of the list!

AI in Cybersecurity: Help or hindrance?

Wide scale adoption of AI is imminent across every industry and cybersecurity is no exception. But is it risky or revolutionary? Find out what we think in our infographic.

Certes Networks’ Top Cybersecurity Trends for 2019

The Team at Certes Networks have taken a look into the crystal ball to see what the future holds for the cybersecurity landscape over the next 12 months. Read the infographic to see what key trends could shape the industry in 2019.

Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS)

As a law enforcement agency you protect communities and keep the streets safe from crime. You are protected by state of the art equipment and resources. But who is protecting your critical data and keeping your law enforcement network safe?

Encryption Without Compromise

Certes Networks’ Layer 4 Stealth Encryption allows businesses to increase security without compromising infrastructure or business agility.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect May 25, 2018, but right now many companies don’t have the security systems in place to meet GDPR requirements.

Healthcare it’s time for a cybersecurity checkup

In the past five years alone, healthcare breaches have grown in both frequency and size, with the largest impacting as many as 80 million people. It’s time for a cybersecurity check up. Learn more in our latest infographic!

How can the IT Industry Fix the Cybersecurity Skills Gap?

With the surge in cyber attacks on numerous household names and GDPR imminent, skilled individuals are in high demand but the industry has been under-investing in skills development for over a decade and the effects are starting to be felt. It’s time for a change in approach in order to safeguard business.

The problem with cybersecurity insurance

Cyber insurance has emerged as a response to a growing number of data breaches worldwide. Cyber attacks are one of the leading risks to businesses and in 2016, the average cost of cybercrime amounted to $17.36m. So it’s unsurprising that companies look to ways of protecting themselves against cyber threats.

The Software Defined Network Challenge

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is increasingly dominating communications strategies and in the new world of connectivity, organizations need to protect data regardless of status location network.

Top 7 Cyber-Security Predictions of 2018

Blockchain, Virtualization and the Rise of AI - 2017 has been an interesting year for cyber-security, with 2018 round the corner, the spotlight is set to stay firmly on the security space. View our latest infographic to learn more about our 2018 Cyber-Security predictions!

Who’s Afraid of Cybersecurity?

In the past five years, the number of mega breaches has nearly doubled. Cyber attacks are becoming so common they’re no longer newsworthy but, in reality the monster under the bed is bigger than ever. Read our latest infographic to learn more.

Solution Notes

Certes Networks Zero Trust Security for Financial Services

Certes’ solutions safeguard hundreds of millions of financial records for enterprises worldwide, automatically encrypting data traffic to protect credit card data, financial transactions, consumer data, trading transactions, automated-teller machine traffic and other sensitive data.

Certes Zero Trust WAN (ZTWAN)

Certes’ unique encryption key management and trust model lets you safely use networking services and third-party resources while maintaining full control over the security of your data communications traffic.

Payment Cards – PCI DSS Compliance

Our approach of “deny everyone, permit by exception” protects both your network and your data. CryptoFlow Creator enables secure data transmissions, which assures the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of data as it travels across any network, regardless of size, type or topology.


An Introduction to Certes Networks

Certes Networks protects Data In Motion, which is really important in today's agile environments because we don't always know where our data is going.

Layer 4 Encryption

Certes Networks’ patented and industry leading layer 4 encryption helps you overcome the traditional issues associated with layer 2 and layer 3 encryption. With layer 4 encryption there is no operational overhead traditionally encountered when deploying encryption and it allows you to extend trust across any environment whether owned or not. Certes Networks’ layer 4 encryption gives you the ultimate in flexibility, transparency and simplicity to move forward and deliver encryption in a way that doesn’t penalize your business.

The First Step to Zero Trust

In today’s security mindset ownership equals trust, here at Certes Networks we have a different mindset, one of Zero Trust. Achieving Zero Trust can be a giant step for many, we work with our customers by breaking down the journey into smaller more palatable steps.

The Next Generation of Thinking

In this day and age we need to think about security slightly differently, we can not rely on security as it is today and the models that we use. We need to change our mindset and think that in the event security fails we can’t be compromised. We need to not focus on detecting a breach should it happen but move the focus to if you have access to my data and shouldn’t you can’t read it.

The Second Step to Zero Trust

Certes Networks’ Zero Trust Access Control or ZTAC is another step to achieving a Zero Trust Security Architecture. ZTAC is Certes Networks' security fabric which allows our customers to create a software defined perimeter. That software defined perimeter is based on users accessing applications which makes it completely flexible, allowing the perimeter to be pulled into areas of the environment as it is needed. Cryptography creates the perimeter securing the communication between the user and application they are accessing while encryption ensures the moving data is kept private. With no trust in the underlying infrastructure Certes Networks allows you to achieve a true Zero Trust Architecture in a simple, easy and scalable way. Watch this video to learn more.

What is Zero Trust

Zero Trust is many things to many people but here at Certes we believe that Zero Trust is the removal of any security intelligence from the underlying infrastructure.

White Papers

Certes Networks General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will unify data privacy laws across Europe and protect all EU citizens data privacy, therefore it will reshape the way organizations across the region approach data privacy.

Certes Networks New York Department of Financial Services

The New York Department of Financial Services’ (NYDFS) introduction of ‘first-in-the-nation’ cybersecurity rules require banks, insurers, and other NYDFS-regulated financial services companies to adhere to stringent cybersecurity requirements.

CJIS Security Policy Data in Transit

One of the biggest challenges for law enforcement agencies and non-criminal justice agencies is meeting the requirements of the CJIS Security Policy to encrypt data in transit. This paper examines these requirements and makes suggestions on how to overcome the challenges.

eBook: 10 Reasons Not To Buy Certes

Is your network so secure you don’t need to encrypt your data in motion? Do you prefer IT complexity over simplicity? Download this eBook now to learn more and determine if your reasons not to buy Certes are valid.

The Truth about MPLS

While many people believe MPLS and other “virtually private” WAN technologies are secure, the fact is that MPLS and most other WAN technologies offer no inherent data protection, data integrity or protection from mis-configurations.