Case Studies

Disaster Recovery

The judiciary of a U.S. state needed to protect backup data being sent to disaster recovery sites. But it had to do so without compromising network performance. Learn how Certes' solutions delivered high-performance security for disaster recovery communications.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Protecting governmental communications is mission critical, especially when those communications cross borders and traverse a range of networking technologies. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) for a European nation turned to Certes Networks’ CryptoFlow solutions for a flexible, scalable WAN security solution to protect essential communications traversing the globe.

Multinational Manufacturing

A Fortune 500 company needed to share highly sensitive information among its facilities in seven countries on three continents. Find out how the company used Certes' solutions to protect mission-critical operational and product data without increasing the risk of a data breach.

National Bank

A major national bank can't risk sending millions of financial transactions over Wide Area Networks that it does not control. See how a national bank adopted a Certes' solution to protect and control the data communications to hundreds of regional offices and branches.

Regional Bank

Communications like VoIP need to be protected when they carry sensitive data. But performance cannot be compromised for these important applications. See how a financial institution used Certes' WAN solution to secure its real-time applications between sites without affecting performance.

Data Sheets


Small Form Factor / Rack Mount -1U, Up to 50 Megabits


Rack Mount -1U, Up to 250 Megabits


Rack Mount -1U, Up to 1 Gigabit


Rack Mount -2U, Up to 10 Gigabit


Small Form Factor, Up to 20 Megabits


Small Form Factor, Up to 200 Megabits


Rack Mount Appliance - 1U, Up to 1 Gigabit


Rack Mount Server - 1U, Up to 1 Gigabit


Rack mount - 1U, Up to 1 Gigabit


CryptoFlow Net Solutions enable you to set automatic traffic protection policies on any standards-based network, including LAN, WAN, WiFi, Internet, SDN/NFV and others. Solution components include CryptoFlow® Net Creator, CryptoFlow Net Enforcer, CryptoFlow Net Enforcer - Virtual Certes Enforcement Point(vCEP).


Virtualized environments: VMware, KVM


Solution Notes

Certes Networks Zero Trust Security for Financial Services

Certes’ solutions safeguard hundreds of millions of financial records for enterprises worldwide, automatically encrypting data traffic to protect credit card data, financial transactions, consumer data, trading transactions, automated-teller machine traffic and other sensitive data.

Certes Zero Trust Access Control (ZTAC)

Application access control has been reinvented. Now you can extend enterprise applications to any users on any devices in any location without increasing data breach risk.

Certes Zero Trust WAN (ZTWAN)

Certes’ unique encryption key management and trust model lets you safely use networking services and third-party resources while maintaining full control over the security of your data communications traffic.

Payment Cards – PCI DSS Compliance

Our approach of “deny everyone, permit by exception” protects both your network and your data. CryptoFlow Creator enables secure data transmissions, which assures the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of data as it travels across any network, regardless of size, type or topology.


Overview of CryptoFlow® Solutions

One and done security. No more management fragmentation. You never have to touch a firewall, or a router, or a switch, or an access concentrator, or an application, or anything else.

Protection When Firewalls Fail

Certes Networks has the solution. We have deployed 7,000 security products in 70 countries over the last 15 years. Not one Certes’ customer has been hacked in all that time. This is protection when firewalls fail. It’s “One and Done” security for the modern enterprise. Contact Certes Networks today to see how CryptoFlows will keep you out of the hacking headlines.

White Papers

Forrester TAP 2015

To protect sensitive enterprise applications from today’s attacks, experts advise IT security decision-makers to adopt a Zero Trust approach to IT security.