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How are you protecting your most valuable asset, your data?

Quantum-safe security: Future-proofing your digital fabric

Traditional cybersecurity solutions attempt to protect the infrastructure not the Data – Certes Data Protection and Risk Mitigation (DPRM) is 100% data focused, Crypto Agile and Quantum Safe and has never been hacked.

The state-of-the-art DPRM solution acts as a formidable defense against the rising threats of data breaches and ransomware attacks, ensuring a solid foundation for your digital assets.

We advocate for a proactive approach – safeguarding your data before it becomes a target. Traditional network security has proven not to be enough and often retrospective, as demonstrated by the surge in data breaches. Recognizing these limitations, we emphasize the importance of securing the data itself as the foundation of business safeguarding.

Aligned with the principles of DPRM, our commitment to building strong defenses is fortified by key pillars that form the foundation of business success and genuine data protection. Our unique patented technology, featuring key ownership separation and data flow segmentation, empowers a proactive approach that prioritizes prevention over cure.

How can Certes DPRM help your business?

Our DPRM solution is designed to help you achieve global compliance, ensure the safety of your customers’ data, and seamlessly integrate with your existing network without the need for a complete overhaul.  

Simon Pamplin, CTO Certes and Paul German, CEO Certes discuss the growth of DPRM and how Certes’ long-standing focus on data protection will have unparalleled benefit to data owners, managers and users.

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Resource Hub: Certes DPRM Framework

In a world dominated by increasing digital threats, conventional network security approaches are falling short of safeguarding an organization’s critical asset – its data. Despite 61% of risk executives saying data protection and privacy regulations were their biggest priorities, traditional network security measures remain fixated on securing the network and identity perimeter, assuming its sufficient in ensuring data safety.

This is why Certes has developed its DPRM solution – a data-centric framework for Data Protection and Risk Mitigation, comparable to what SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is for infrastructure. By prioritising the safeguarding of data over infrastructure, Certes empowers organizations to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and fortify their defenses against evolving cyber threats.

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Ransomware Attacks on Active Directory: A Call to Action

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In recent years, ransomware attacks surged, threatening businesses globally. By the end of 2023, over 72% of businesses were hit, a record high. A troubling trend is the targeted attack on Active Directory (AD), a crucial network component. We'll explore global ransomware attacks, tactics by groups like AlphaV/BlackCat and Volt Typhoon, shortcomings of traditional defenses, and introduce Certes DPRM as a proactive solution.

Embracing the Quantum Age: Pioneering Data Privacy

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As we enter the quantum era, the transition to quantum-safe cryptography is not just advisable but essential. This shift involves updating cryptographic standards, deploying new encryption solutions, and widespread education on the importance of quantum-resistant methods. With its pioneering efforts in quantum-safe solutions, Certes DPRM is leading the charge in preparing for a secure quantum future. 

Certes: Rebranding for the Future

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Over the last years, data security has evolved and well, so have we. This year, we’re excited to announce a complete rebrand of Certes Networks. Just as we focus our customers on protecting their data rather than traditional network security, we felt it was time this was reflected in our name.  We are taking the focus off networks and shining a spotlight on data.

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Certes is 100% focused on protecting valuable customer data as it moves across 3rd party networks, multi-cloud environments, LAN, WAN and more. 

We don’t stop at shielding your infrastructure; we elevate your cybersecurity posture with robust risk management strategies. Our solutions are designed not only to protect against known threats but also to anticipate and mitigate emerging risks.

Take action to secure your company against cyber threats and compliance challenges and request a callback with Certes today. We’ll ensure your data remains secure, accessible and the essential service you deliver to customers is uninterrupted. 

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