Certes Networks Launches Observability

Certes Networks Launches Observability

5 September 2019

How can the Utilities Sector be protected from a cyber-attack?

Author: Ann Chesbrough, Global Marketing Director, Certes Networks.




Certes Networks continues to bring new innovation and product features to its encryption management solutions and is proud to announce the launch of its Observability feature to deliver on its promise to keep data secure.

Many organizations are in the early adoption stages of cloud-native technologies, with the failure modes of these models still not widely understood. To successfully maneuver this new, but often obscure world, gaining visibility into the behavior of applications has become more pressing than ever, and bringing better visibility into network systems through observability remains a key way to do this.

With the launch of Observability, customers can now have both visibility and observability of their data in transit. Logs, metrics and traces are useful tools that help with testing, understanding and debugging systems. However, an observable system isn’t achieved by simply having monitoring in place, nor is it achieved by having an SRE team carefully deploy and operate it.

With the Certes Networks Observability feature, organizations are now not just trying to monitor and identify threats and keep them out of their network. Through generating and defining policies, network policy enforcement will allow organizations to ensure that only authorized applications and users are communicating with one another while enabling them to meet their own governance, security and compliance requirements.

Through the export of network flows and Certes’ proprietary metadata, organizations can gain a deeper understanding of network policy deployment and enforcement and analyze every application that tries to communicate across the network, all the while monitoring pathways for potential threats, now that each policy is observable.

“Our solution allows you to program security policies in a simple and flexible way. This improves your overall security posture and makes it very difficult for attackers to make lateral ‘east-west’ moves in your WAN or data center. Our ability to visualize and observe the real-time state of the network, even when the traffic is encrypted, allows the security team to spot exfiltration attempts or unauthorized accesses easily. This greatly increases the ability of the user to prevent and manage breaches. This ability to see the impact of policy on the network significantly enhances security,” commented Sean Everson, CTO, Certes Networks.

Everson continues, “Observability is a feature that needs to be fully integrated into a network system and the launch of Certes Networks Observability addresses the security and operations concerns of our customers and delivers on our promise to keep their data secure.”

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