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Software-Defined Security

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Certes CryptoFlow® Solutions … IT Security Reinvented

Applications and users have changed. Applications can be shared anywhere, on a range of new devices. External partners, customers and employees need to access mission-critical data rapidly and efficiently. But as recent high-profile cybersecurity breaches have shown, IT security is broken.

We need a better, simpler way to protect enterprise applications.

Why wrestle with a fragmented, siloed patchwork of firewalls, IPS/IDS, VPNs, SSL, TLS, IPsec tunneling, and application-layer security controls? Complexity is the enemy of security.

Certes Networks has your solution:  One platform. End-to-end security. All applications. All networks. IT Security Reinvented.

Certes has been cited as a leading innovator in Gartner trend reports on Software-Defined Security, Mobile Security, Cloud Security, Virtualization, VPNs and Enterprise Mobile Software.**

Certes CryptoFlows® are automatic, zero-touch virtual application overlays that provide

  • Application-specific cryptographic segmentation
  • Access control for all authorized users based on their roles
  • Isolation of applications from end to end: data center, Cloud, mobile devices, WAN, LAN

All in one simple platform with enterprise-scale policy management and keying.

With CryptoFlows, you enjoy breach containment capabilities that automatically contains hacker lateral movement if a user’s credentials are compromised.That blocks the top attack vector in the world.

Reduce Costs by using third-party Cloud and untrusted networks such as the Internet safely and securely

Accelerate Application ROI by simplifying application security to points-and-clicks, removing security impediments from app roll out, reducing Shadow IT
Reduce Risk by segmenting and isolating applications, shrinking the attack surface, containing breaches and enforcing real-time role-based access control for all users

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If you are protecting applications in a modern enterprise and want to shrink your attack surface, Certes has your solution.

Find out how Certes’ unique CryptoFlow security revolutionizes how you protect sensitive networked applications

**Gartner, Hype Cycle for Enterprise Mobile Security, Dionisio Zumerle and John Girard, 22 July 2015; Gartner, Hype Cycle for Cloud Security, Jay Heiser, 17 July 2015; Gartner, Hype Cycle for Virtualization, Philip Dawson and Nathan Hill, 8 July 2015; Gartner, Hype Cycle for Enterprise Mobile Software and Services, Nick Jones, 21 July 2015.