Quantum Safe Protection for SDWAN Secure your digital fabric with Data Protection Risk Mitigation

Quantum Safe Data Protection for SDWAN Fabrics

Securing your data across any network

One of the benefits of SDWAN is the ability to steer traffic over different types of connectivity (Internet / MPLS etc) the selection is controlled by policy to ensure uptime and quality of application performance when links fail or don’t perform as expected – this has both performance and cost benefits. However it presents a possibility where sensitive or regulated data could be sent in the clear directly to the public Internet leaving the customer open to data breaches or regulatory penalties. Integrating DPRM with the SDWAN solves this problem. DPRM is focused on protecting the data before it gets to the SDWAN, it protects sensitive data in a way that does not impact the functions of the SDWAN. This ensure the SDWAN focuses on network availability and performance and DPRM ensures the security of the data itself.

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Simple Deployment and reduced risk for Managed Service Providers

Securing policies over SD-WAN

Today’s “As a Service” culture has opened many new opportunities for Managed Service Providers – SDWAN As A Service for example. However providing data based services comes with a legal responsibility to protect that data and comply with regional and global data protection laws. This all hinges on the service provider being seen as a Data Processor who has the ability to access the data because they are in control of the solution and the encryption of the links, as a Data Processor they are liable to regulatory fines when a breach occurs.

DPRM separates control of the data protection from the delivery of service, the customer retains control of the data security allowing the service provider to deliver the service without taking part in the data protection role.

Benefits of integrating Certes with your SD-WAN solution:

Securing your data across any network, anywhere

Certes adds 100% focus on protecting valuable data

Certes can further protect data in the supply chain / 3rd party network outside of your company SD-WAN network

Certes can protect data in Cloud / Multi-cloud environments

Certes is placed as close to the User / Application as possible and protects data no matter where the data travels – including the LAN side.

Certes separates each valuable data flow into its own separate encrypted flow – making the data useless to anyone other than the intended recipient

Certes separates key owner from key admin for the encryption – delivering true separation and true Zero Trust

Certes compliments your SD-WAN network by adding LAN side and whole journey protection for the data irrespective of where it travels.

Certes assures customer regulatory compliance



Network agnostic

Scalable implementation into any network or transport

The Data Protection and Risk Mitigation solution is network agnostic and integrates easily with the SD-WAN to make the SD environment more secure and to meet the needs of Managed Service Providers and their customers, whether industry, government, high assurance and beyond.

Whether your digital fabric is built on legacy systems or the latest network technologies, Certes’ DPRM solution adapts to your environment, providing a consistent level of security and efficiency.

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We don’t stop at shielding your infrastructure; we elevate your cybersecurity posture with robust risk management strategies. Our solutions are designed not only to protect against known threats but also to anticipate and mitigate emerging risks.

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