Certes Networks has been serving national governments and agencies, utilities and critical national infrastructure, as well as enterprise around the world for over 15 years.  Our technology is deployed across 1000 customers in nearly 100 countries with Certified Technology for FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria EAL4+.

The Certes Layer 4 solution is a scalable end-to-end encryption management solution that is network agnostic easily integrating into any existing network infrastructure, fully interoperable with the existing security stack and with zero impact to performance.  Certes Networks offers customers the ability to support multiple deployments across multi-vendor environments on any network or transport.

With Certes Layer 4 technology, a customer can be sure that their data assurance posture will scale to support the depth and breadth of a customer’s environment, whether deployed top-of-rack, in a virtual environment, between data centers and applications (east to west) or simply just across the WAN or SD-WAN.

Our global foot print of customers using Certes technology has allowed organizations across sectors to meet national, international or industry-specific regulations.



Making Cybersecurity A Priority for the EU, Member States and Industry

The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) continues to play a strong advisory role in strengthening EU cybersecurity policy development and implementation initiatives.  It also plays an important role in improving both cooperation and crisis management across the EU while serving as a focal point for information exchange and knowledge sharing in the cybersecurity community.

At Certes Networks, we offer FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria EAL4+ certification for our encryption management technology bringing clear cybersecurity benefits to the EU, Member States and Industry.  Delivering security products that have been tested and validated against these rigorous standards is critical to help keep industry and governments sensitive data secure from potential threats and infiltrations.

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The Move to SD-WAN Makes Zero Trust a Best Practice

The U.S. Federal and other national government agencies continue to leap forward in moving toward a more proactive approach to cybersecurity.  Given the threat to national security, sensitive data, and our overall critical national infrastructure, governments are finding it evident that they need to find ways to aggressively modernize their wide area networks (WANs). 

As agencies across government are collecting more data from multitudes of sources, the evolution toward SD-WAN may give agencies more control over their networks and complement or replace legacy WAN technology.

Certes technology solutions are FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria EAL4+ certified.  And, as an approved vendor on the U.S. GSA Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions program list, Certes Networks is able to participate in the Federal SD-WAN modernization program in the United States. 

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U.S. State & Local Government

Local, County and State Governments (SMART Cities in U.S. and Europe)

When connectivity and innovation meet such large city infrastructures, they immediately become vulnerable to cyber threats from malicious actors waiting to bring all that hard work to a standstill. Many municipality, county and state governments are investing in technology whereby cities are serving as technology hubs and gateways to major institutions, criminal and law enforcement as well as critical emergency services. 

But the vulnerabilities and threats associated with trying to protect large volumes of data moving across vast and older network infrastructures can be extremely challenging.  Certes Networks can help local, county and state governments to overcome the disruption and complexity that often comes with the deployment of a more automated infrastructure. 

The Certes Layer 4 solution offers a simple and scalable solution that is network agnostic easily integrating into any existing network infrastructure, fully interoperable with the existing security stack and with zero impact to performance.  Certes Networks encryption management solutions offer local, county and state governments the necessary tools to thwart potential cyber threats and prevent major disruptions to critical services.

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Criminal & Law Enforcement Agencies at Increased Cyber Risk

The unauthorized access or loss of criminal and law enforcement data due to a cyberattack has serious operational and privacy implications.  The importance of a robust cybersecurity strategy that is CJIS compliant must include an almost impenetrable set of network security technology, protocols and a cybersecurity culture that is hyper vigilant at all times. 

Law Enforcement agencies have an ethical and legal obligation to maintain the security of their data such as criminal records, background checks, fingerprints and other sensitive data.  It is without question that the monetary cost of a cyber breach could not only have substantial fiscal implications but also disrupt essential law enforcement services for a prolonged period of time. 

Certes Networks provides an encryption management solution that helps criminal and law enforcement agencies meet the requirements mandated by the CJIS Policy Standards.  This means enabling technology to protect sensitive data from cyber criminals  while minimizing operating costs and additional resources without compromising the security of important data.

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At Certes Networks we understand that the utility sector is evolving, and its cyber security has to evolve as a result.  Power grids are creating many new and complex challenges and new technologies and devices are being integrated with existing hardware and software to improve efficiency and usability.

The challenge is that these innovations can also provide a pathway for cyber-criminals. While new technologies and devices may be enhancing efficiency and the customer experience, cyber-criminals are increasingly targeting these innovations to undermine their benefits. 

2020 will be an important year for the utility sector. The big challenges will stem from the proliferation of end-user data in the sector combined with its allure and appeal to attackers.  Certes Networks provides encryption management solutions to enable utility companies to take full control of their security posture starting with data encryption as the most critical safeguard.

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Banking on Security: Keeping Data Secure

The protection of sensitive data in line with national and local finance regulations, continues to be a big challenge for both banks and other financial services organizations. The way finance organizations operate has changed dramatically in recent years, due mostly to the fact that financial institutions are not only heavily regulated by data privacy requirements, but also under mounting pressure to be open to consumers and businesses about how they are protecting their data from potential breaches. 

The increasing expectations of consumers means that banks and financial institutions are trying to achieve a balancing act: how can they protect data privacy, while at the same time remain transparent about how data is being protected? 

Certes Networks is helping banks and financial organizations to keep data secure and protected.  With the Certes Layer 4 solution, features that define and deploy fine-grained policies, secure key management with automated key rotation and Certes observability, which provides evidential and visual proof that a security strategy is effective —  are just some of the benefits offered by Certes Networks technology solution.

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