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Certes Networks delivers IT security … evolved

Certes CryptoFlow™ Solutions are the Next-Generation VPN

Applications and data networks have changed. Applications can be shared anywhere, on a range of new devices. External partners, customers and employees need to access mission-critical data rapidly and efficiently. But as recent high-profile security breaches have shown, the old way of securing your data is not enough.

Hackers are turning corporate IT environments into their playgrounds. As one more massive hack attack takes another victim, are you adequately protecting credit cards, patient data, student data and other sensitive information?

We all need a better, simpler way to protect data traffic.

Why wrestle with a fragmented, hodgepodge patchwork of VPNs, SSL, tunneling, and application-layer encryption controls? Why risk leaving internal networks un-encrypted, leaving them wide open for the hackers who are stealing mission-critical data? Why deal with VPN products that crush your network performance or application availability by 50% or more?

Instead, take charge of your security with uniform, end-to-end, consistent encryption of data in motion, with a single point of control.

Certes Networks has your solution. 

Thousands of Certes’ patented network encryption solutions are deployed to protect data traffic in 70 countries around the world. Instead of wasting time and money configuring a complex mishmash of VPN tunnels and application controls, Certes’ users enjoy the power of CryptoFlows … automatic group VPNs that provide point-and-click policy enforcement and complete control over sensitive data moving over any network.

Certes’ encryption products are the solution of choice for protecting networked applications in financial services, government, health care, utilities, education, telecommunications, and many other industries.

Certes’ solutions are designed to protect data traveling on both external networks, such as the WAN and Internet, and internal networks, such as a LAN or data center including extended banking, financial transaction and point-of-sale networks. For internal networks, CryptoFlow Solutions can provide rock-solid traffic segmentation that overcomes the weak protection provided by VLANs and other internal controls.

Whether you are protecting data moving over Ethernet, IP, MPLS or even upper layer networks, Certes has your solution. Find out how Certes’ unique CryptoFlow Next-Generation VPN will revolutionize how you protect data in motion. Click here.

Flow-through Encryption Policy and Key Management

Certes’ TrustNet Manager presents a breakthrough in the simple, efficient management of network security policies and encryption keys. Learn about the easy, automated alternative to traditional, time-consuming IPsec VPNs and fragmented application encryption controls. Based on multiple patents in encryption management, TrustNet Manager is a single point of control to protect your data for any application over any network.

  • Flow-through: point-and-click policy definition, flow-through configuration
  • CryptoFlows: set up, control hitless group VPNs connecting sites over any network
  • Single Interface: one point of control for end-to-end, any-to-any encryption for LAN, WAN, Cloud, data center, Internet, virtual environment

Protect Sensitive Data in Motion: Privacy, Compliance, Security

Certes’ solutions protect sensitive data moving over any network. Connect remote offices, distributed enterprise locations, kiosks, ATMs, partner companies and external employees with full confidence and auditable compliance. Safeguard credit card data, patient information, student records, financial transactions … any sensitive data used by any application. Ensure compliance with privacy requirements such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA and others.

  • Hitless: offload encryption from the network and applications
  • One and Done: simple policy management interface for tunnel-less VPNs
  • In Control: you control all keys and policies with flow-through policy management

Secure Data Center Interconnect

Certes’ award-winning data communication encryption solutions protect data in motion between enterprise data center locations.

  • Flexible: choose any WAN data connectivity option
  • Blazing Performance: up to 10 Gbps per link
  • In Control: you control all keys and policies with flow-through policy management

Unique Variable Speed Network Encryption

Match encrypted traffic throughput precisely to your link speeds with an easy-to-deploy, cost-effective encryption appliance.

  • Ultimate Flexibility: multi-layer encryption for any application over any network
  • One and Done: control all keys and policies with one simple interface
  • Hitless: offload encryption from the network devices and applications

Cloud & Virtualization Security

Send data to and from the Cloud with full encryption that you control.

Certes’ virtual encryption solutions are designed for Network Function Virtualization and Software-Defined Networking deployments.

  • In Control: you control all keys and policies, even for traffic moving in the Cloud
  • Flexibility: public, private, hybrid and multiple Cloud environments
  • Make the Cloud Safe: auditable protection of data to and from Cloud environments

CryptoFlows: Next-Generation VPNs

Protecting data in motion usually requires a complex hodgepodge patchwork of SSL, IPsec tunnels, application layer controls and multiple network configuration challenges. CrytpoFlow VPNs use the power of network virtualization to create simple, abstract encrypted “flows” across the network. Now encryption can be managed end-to-end without touching the network or applications.

Certes pioneered CryptoFlow VPNS, tunnel-less, group VPNs providing a simple, effective way to protect data in motion over any network. Deploy CryptoFlows instead of traditional IPsec VPNs or other VPNs for any application that must be protected on internal and external networks.

  • Tunnel-less: no more complex tunnel configuration
  • Simple Scaling: add or remove sites with a few clicks
  • One and Done: control all keys and policies with one simple interface