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Certes CryptoFlow® Solutions: Frictionless Security for the Frictionless Enterprise

Applications and data networks have changed. Applications can be shared anywhere, on a range of new devices. External partners, customers and employees need to access mission-critical data rapidly and efficiently. But as recent high-profile cybersecurity breaches have shown, the old way of securing your data is not enough.

Hackers are turning corporate IT environments into their playgrounds. As one more massive hack attack takes another victim, are you adequately protecting your corporate data, credit cards, patient data, student data and other sensitive information?

We all need a better, simpler way to protect enterprise applications.

Why wrestle with a fragmented, siloed patchwork of VPNs, SSL, TLS, IPsec tunneling, and application-layer encryption controls? Why deal with encryption that crushes your network performance or application availability by 70% or more?

Instead, take charge of your security with uniform, end-to-end strong cryptographic segmentation of your enterprise applications, protecting your applications even when users are compromised and the firewall is breached.

Certes Networks has your solution. 

Certes is leading the Software-Defined Security revolution, enabling you to dynamically control your enterprise application security without dependence on firewalls or the network infrastructure. Thousands of Certes’ patented solutions are deployed to protect enterprise applications in 84 countries around the world.

Certes has been cited as a leading innovator in Gartner trend reports on Software-Defined Security, Mobile Security, Cloud Security, Virtualization and Enterprise Mobile Software.**

Certes’ users enjoy the power of CryptoFlows® … automatic, zero-touch virtual overlays that are user aware and application aware, enabling you to extend any application to any user over any network and shrink your application attack surface.

CryptoFlows: Breach containment with the first app-aware, user-aware crypto-segmentation solution

CryptoFlows enable you to deploy Business-Driven Security, aligning security controls to your business objectives instead of your infrastructure’s limitations. Certes’ CryptoFlows provide crypto-segmentation of applications, securely extending any enterprise application to any user in any location while protecting your most sensitive data when firewalls are breached.

CryptoFlows enforce real-time Role-Based Access Control for your users, including employees, contractors, supply chain members, customers, partners and others. Now you can enjoy point-and-click policy enforcement, massively scalable key management, zero-touch application segmentation, and seamless control over sensitive data moving over any network.

With CryptoFlows, you enjoy breach containment capabilities that automatically block hacker movement if a user’s credentials are compromised.

CryptoFlow breach containment blocks the top attack vector in data breaches around the world.

CryptoFlows are at the intersection of security and Software-Defined Networking (SDN), using virtualization principles to simplify end-to-end protection of sensitive data traffic across all silos, IT environments and user bases.

CryptoFlows enable you to:

Reduce Costs by using third-party Cloud and untrusted networks such as the Internet safely and securely

Accelerate Application Deployment by simplifying application security to points-and-clicks, removing security impediments from app roll out, reducing Shadow IT

Reduce Risk by segmenting and isolating applications, shrinking the attack surface, containing breaches and enforcing real-time Role-Based Access Control for all users

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If you are protecting applications in a modern enterprise and want to shrink your attack surface, Certes has your solution.

Find out how Certes’ unique CryptoFlow Next-Generation VPN revolutionizes how you protect sensitive networked applications

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