Simple WAN Encryption for Secure Connectivity

You Define & Control Policies & Keys

High-speed WAN Encryption of Site-to-Site Traffic

Bring Your Own Trust to Networks You Don’t Own

Cut networking costs without increasing data breach risk thanks to simple, scalable WAN encryption you alone control.

The Certes Zero-Trust Security (ZTS) Platform delivers high-throughput protection of your sensitive enterprise traffic between sites.

The ZTS Platform safeguards traffic over Private WAN, SD-WAN, Cloud WAN, MPLS, NFV, SDN and other networking services.

Certes offers unique, patented Layer 4 stealth encryption capabilities that bring unmatched flexibility to encrypting traffic without impacting your infrastructure or applications.

Simple WAN encryption of your sensitive traffic secures communications for: remote offices; distributed enterprises, data center to data center interconnect; backup, recovery and business continuity facilities.

You alone are in control of security. The ZTS Platform enables you to “Bring Your Own Trust” and not be dependent on a service provider or hardware vendor to maintain and enforce trust and security.

  • Line-rate protection of enterprise communications over any network
  • Throughput of up to 10 Gbps with full WAN encryption
  • One point of control for simple policy definition & enforcement
  • AES-256-GCM encryption
  • Mesh topologies with easy modification and addition of new sites
  • Fully decoupled from infrastructure so one team is in control
  • Patented policy engine proven in nearly 20 years of successful IT security implementations

How It Works

CryptoFlow® Creator

Simple, point-and-click creation of trust policies

Central creation and management of high scalability group keying

Determines how enterprise data traffic should be protected on networks or Clouds

CryptoFlow® Enforcer

Software-based policy enforcement module

Plugs into network, data center, cloud, remote office or other location

Encrypts traffic with patented high scalability cryptographic key management technology


  • Single Platform: Consistent, persistent WAN encryption protecting data communications across Data Center, Cloud, remote offices, distributed enterprises
  • Unique Layer 4 Encryption: patented stealth encryption for maximum deployment simplicity and flexbility
  • 100% Software-Defined: No network or application changes
  • Bring Your Own Trust: Unique keying and policy engine re-aligns trust around keys, user identity & credentials in your control
  • Cryptographic Segmentation: Cryptographically isolates each application using AES-256-GCM encryption
  • High-Agility Security: Point-and-click security provisioning for accelerated protection
  • Zero Trust with Zero Impact: Implement modern Zero Trust security with no changes to applications or network

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