There is growing demand for organizations to outsource their network management to third-party tools and providers, who not only manage the network, but provide traffic analysis and application performance reviews too. From a business point of view, this not only saves time but also utilizes the expertise that outsourced providers can bring.

However, for service providers that are supporting hybrid networks that use multiple carriers and different equipment providers, the task of managing security policies across such a complex environment only gets more challenging. Organizations must ensure they work with a service provider that knows how to truly secure their network and their whole supply chain. So, how can this be achieved?

Start with security, not the infrastructure

Organizations are evolving beyond perimeter-only security models to increasingly lock down data – both at rest and in motion. Encryption is a fundamental component of the defense in depth security model, but to be effective, encryption must enhance, not constrain IT evolution. By overlaying security on top of the network, Certes’ patented Layer 4 encryption overcomes the limitations of traditional encryption models and enables service providers to apply a single security fabric across hybrid, disaggregated environments.

Deploy a complete security solution

Certes’ Layer 4 encryption complies with regulation, doesn’t require reconfiguration of the network, and doesn’t compromise network performance. This allows organizations to provide a complete security solution for all users, end-to-end, regardless of where they are connecting to the network from or where they sit within the supply chain. There is no longer any room for trust when it comes to cybersecurity, and to address the security problem that stems from using third party providers, organizations must take away the assumption that devices, people and partners are automatically trusted in order to fully ensure the security of their data.

With more at stake now than there ever has been, it’s time for organizations to make sure they are working with a service provider that really knows how to secure their networks.

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