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Out of the many data breaches throughout 2014, the attack on Sony Pictures was certainly a corporate cybersecurity game-changer.

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The Sony Pictures data breach was one of the first times that hackers aggressively disrupted a business’ internal operations down to the core.

While there are still everyday risks posing threats to corporate data security, attacks launched with the intent of stealing intellectual property and causing businesses to experience operational disruptions for up to a few months are becoming more severe.
IT analysts at Gartner offered several recommendations for security and risk management leaders that will help organizations avoid becoming the next hacking headline:

First, implement strong internal segmentation of networks so that applications are more fully protected when breaches occur.

Second, build resilience into digital processes with policies and awareness plans that motivate employees to use technology safely.

Lastly, ensure that risk management and security programs are mature by coordinating business disruption responses with risk, cybersecurity and continuity leaders.

At the end of the day, cybersecurity should be a foundation of business, and that calls for cutting-edge end-to-end security solutions such as Certes Networks CryptoFlow. For more information, check out our website and new CryptoFlow App.