Groundbreaking ‘Bring Your Own Trust’ Security

You Alone Define & Control Trust with Our Unique Platform

Easy Implementation of Zero Trust

Trust is the foundation of your IT security

Which networks do you own, control and trust?

Which users can you identify and trust?

Which devices do you know and trust?

But the trust model of today’s security architecture is broken.

IT has evolved beyond the old model of a “trusted” enterprise network protected by firewalls. Modern IT spreads our sensitive data around networks, users, devices, partners and clouds we don’t own or control.

Yet we still operate like we can trust our networks, users and devices. That’s how hackers have pillaged billions of records at thousands of enterprises.

Trust must evolve.

How We Enable You To ‘Bring Your Own Trust

The Certes Zero-Trust Security Platform

  • Unique keying and policy engine re-aligns trust around keys, user identity and credentials
  • Patented centralized and automated control of keys and policies at enterprise scale
  • 100% Software-Defined: no network or application changes
  • Creates reduced scope of trust for each user and application
  • Enforces “Need to Know” architecture with role-based access control
  • Cryptographic segmentation: isolates and protects data in motion with strong encryption on any network
  • Lower risk access for users: employees, partners, contractors, supply chain, customers
  • Lower risk use of third-party resources: Cloud, WAN, MPLS Cloud

The Certes Zero-Trust Security (ZTS) Platform secures enterprise applications for any user or remote facility over any network.

The ZTS Platform is a 100% Software-Defined Security solution. It evolves the enterprise trust model to protect applications in today’s borderless IT world, enabling simple adoption of a Software-Defined Perimeter, secure WAN connectivity and other safeguards.

With the ZTS Platform, trust is no longer based on the infrastructure or which networks or devices you own or control. Instead, trust is based on user identity, keys and credentials that are independent of the infrastructure.

Innovations: Software-Defined Perimeter, Zero Trust Security, Secure WAN

The Certes’ platform enables you to adopt modern “Zero Trust” security that cuts breach risk when the firewalled perimeter has been compromised.

Bring Your Own Trust” empowers you to determine access rights and application protection profiles based on business objectives, not the limited capabilities of your infrastructure.

The ZTS Platform results from 20 years of advanced security innovation. It protects critical applications in thousands of deployments for enterprises and governments in nearly 100 countries around the world.

With the ZTS Platform, you create secure trust overlays called CryptoFlows.

  • Software-Defined Trust Overlay
  • Connects user to app or site to site
  • Enforces trust with user identity, keys, credentials
  • Completely independent of infrastructure
  • Software-Defined Perimeter, Secure WAN & other innovations
  • Zero Trust with Zero Impact
Zero-Trust WAN

Zero-Trust WAN

Protect traffic over any third-party network

Zero-Trust Access

Zero-Trust Access

Shrink the attack surface with Role-Based Access Control

How It Works

CryptoFlow® Creator

Simple, point-and-click creation of trust policies

Central creation and management of high scalability group keying

Determines which users can access which applications based on roles

Determines how enterprise data traffic should be protected on networks or Clouds

CryptoFlow® Enforcer

Software-based policy enforcement module

Plugs into network, data center, cloud, remote office or other location

Inspects traffic, isolates applications, enforces access control

Encrypts traffic with patented high scalability cryptographic key management technology

Bring Your Own Trust – Get Started Today

Why ‘Zero Trust’?

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U.S. Federal Government: “Zero Trust” to stop hacks

Forrester: “Zero Trust” defends the digital business

Breach of millions of records could be prevented by “Zero Trust”

Certes enables you to adopt Zero Trust and innovations like Software-Defined Perimeter without impacting your existing infrastructure or applications. Click here to learn more.