Network encryptor solutions from Certes enable you to protect your organization’s sensitive data in motion. They offer award-winning protection for enterprise data communications shared across WANs, Clouds, remote sites, data centers, backup and recovery sites and other use cases involving third-party networks and external IT environments.

Our application access control solutions enable you to protect sensitive data in motion accessed by your authorized employees, partners, contractors, supply chain and others. Role-based access control ensures that unauthorized users cannot move laterally if they succeed in compromising a user, cutting the risk of a major data breach.

Both network encryptor and application access solutions incorporate Certes’ groundbreaking “Bring Your Own Trust” security technology that evolves your trust model for the modern IT environment. Bring Your Own Trust evolves the security model in line with modern applications and users.

Traditional security architectures are rigid, perimeter-centric models that rely on infrastructure to enforce policies. They are based on the idea of intrinsic trust, that just because you own something means you can always trust it.

Billions of records lost in data breaches over the past decade prove that this idea is badly outdated and dangerously false.

Instead, our enterprise customers are cutting risk by adopting Zero Trust models that protect sensitive applications and communications even when attackers compromise users and get past the firewalled perimeter.

Our solutions enable you to adopt Zero Trust without changing your network or applications. We call it Zero Trust with Zero Impact.

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Certes enables you to adopt Zero Trust without impacting your existing infrastructure or applications. Click here to learn more.Zero Trust With Zero Impact

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Zero-Trust WAN

Zero-Trust WAN

Protect traffic over any third-party network

Zero-Trust Access Control

Zero-Trust Access Control

Cut the attack surface with Role-Based Access Control

Safeguard ATM network traffic over any Wide Area Network connection. Block the #1 Attack Vector causing ATM network data breaches. Learn more.