Six Vendors Select Certes’ Solutions for Encryption in Network Function Virtualization Deployments

PITTSBURGH – December 3, 2014 – Certes Networks, a leading innovator in encryption solutions to protect networked applications, today announced CryptoFlow Cloud, a solution set for protecting sensitive data traveling in virtualized environments.

CryptoFlow Cloud Solutions are based on enhanced versions of Certes’ groundbreaking vCEP and vCFNet encryption and policy enforcement points, now extended to support Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and other virtualized environments. The solution has been selected by six leading networking and virtualization vendors as the encryption solution of choice in their newly launched NFV ecosystems.

With CryptoFlow Cloud Solutions, enterprises and service providers can create fully secure, tunnel-less CryptoFlow VPNs that are anchored and enforced by Certes’ encryptors in physical, virtual or hybrid environments. Certes’ encryptors can operate in the Cloud, as virtual machines with NFV orchestrators,
as standalone appliances, as a virtualized encryptor on a hypervisor, or as an independently managed encryptor on a third-party device or network element.

The CryptoFlow VPNs protect sensitive data traffic over any network, allowing enterprises to set and control their own data protection policies and their own encryption keys without possibility of interception by third parties. The solutions permit data traffic to be fully segregated to safeguard sensitive data, including credit card transactions, medical records, financial data, control data and other critical data in motion.

“In the past 12 months, we have seen billions of dollars lost to data breaches across the world,” said John Lochow, CEO of Certes Networks. “In almost every case, hackers were able to exploit poor network segmentation and inadequate data traffic security. Our CryptoFlow solutions provide a simple, unified point of control that permits you to secure your sensitive data traffic, set and enforce security policies, and ensure your applications are safe over any network.”

CryptoFlow Cloud solutions are available today. More information is available at

About Certes Networks

Certes Networks protects data in motion. The company’s award-winning CryptoFlow™ Solutions safeguard data traffic in physical, virtual and Cloud environments, enabling secure connectivity over any infrastructure without compromising network device or application performance. Companies around the world rely on network encryption products from Certes Networks to protect data, accelerate application deployment, simplify network projects, reduce compliance costs, and improve the return on investment in IT infrastructure. For more information, visit