Next-Generation VPN Protects Sensitive Data, Extends Enterprise Encryption to Tablets, Smartphones

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PITTSBURGH – November 19, 2014 – Certes Networks, a leading innovator in encryption solutions to protect networked applications, today unveiled CryptoFlow Mobile, a groundbreaking next-generation VPN solution that extends enterprise applications safely to smartphones and tablets over any network.

Based on Certes’ award-winning CryptoFlow data traffic encryption products, CryptoFlow Mobile offers simple point-and-click protection of data in motion to and from employees’ mobile devices, including personal devices.

Seamlessly compatible with Mobile Device Management and Enterprise Mobility Management solutions, CryptoFlow Mobile automatically handles the complex encryption and policy enforcement for sensitive data traveling over Local Area Networks, Wide-Area Networks, Internet, Wireless and Cloud environments.

For the first time, enterprise IT and security managers have:

  • One point of control for end-to-end encryption of data flows from any data resource or server to any end-point, inside or outside the enterprise.
  • Hitless encryption of traffic that is entirely independent of network devices, firewalls or applications, resulting in no performance degradation of applications or connectivity and no changes required for any enterprise systems.
  • Borderless application traffic security that follows users wherever they go.
  • Non-intrusive encryption of traffic to and from employee personal devices that does not require partitioning or special clients.

Certes developed the new solution based on 15 years of successful encryption product deployments in enterprises around the world. CryptoFlow Mobile solutions are designed to address the security needs of modern enterprise applications and users.

According to Gartner, “enterprises are increasingly taking advantage of the opportunities presented by mobile technologies for improving business processes and empowering employees. But the sheer variety of evolving use cases, complex legacy environments, and the demands of privacy, security and regulatory compliance present major challenges to even the most mobile-savvy organizations. Given this reality, as well as the current offerings from an immature and rapidly evolving solution marketplace, establishing a balanced and appropriately secured environment can be a significant challenge.”1

“The ongoing wave of hacking attacks is taking advantage of the extreme fragmentation of data security controls,” said John Lochow, CEO at Certes Networks. “With CryptoFlow Mobile solutions, we’re unifying the control and enforcement of data traffic encryption to encompass mobile devices that otherwise are out of the enterprise’s security architecture and control.”

Traditional VPNs connect trusted devices to trusted networks via point-to-point tunnels. In contrast, CryptoFlow Mobile creates secure, multi-point overlays that connect authorized users to applications, over any network, in any topology. For example, a CryptoFlow VPN could connect several hundred smartphones and their users to a designated set of applications in a corporate data center, a Cloud resource, and a remote office processing facility, all with one secure virtual overlay. All keys, encryption policies and encryption algorithms are managed centrally with point-and-click simplicity.

CryptoFlow Mobile Solutions are available now for Beta customers and pilot deployments for mobile devices based on iOS. Android and Windows Mobile devices will be supported in 1H2015.

Certes also is releasing a new video webcast with Gartner focusing on the challenges associated with encrypting data in motion in the modern enterprise. The video is available for view here.

1. Gartner, Introducing the Spectrum of Trust for Mobile Enterprise Design, 04 April 2014, John Girard

About Certes’ CryptoFlow Solutions
Safeguarding hundreds of millions of sensitive communications for enterprises around the world, Certes’ CryptoFlow Solutions provide end-to-end protection for credit card data, healthcare data, consumer data, financial transactions and other sensitive data. For 15 years, Certes’ award-winning products have been the data traffic protection solution of choice for governments, world-leading financial institutions, healthcare systems and others who want to safeguard sensitive data over LANs, WANs, Internet, wireless and Cloud environments.

About Certes Networks
Certes Networks protects data in motion. The company’s award-winning CryptoFlow™ Solutions safeguard data traffic in physical, virtual and Cloud environments, enabling secure connectivity over any infrastructure without compromising network or application performance. Companies around the world rely on network encryption products from Certes Networks to protect data, accelerate application deployment, simplify network projects, reduce compliance costs, and improve the return on investment in IT infrastructure. For more information, visit

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