Certes Networks partners with Fishtech Labs to bring its CryptoFlow security solutions to the heart of the digital disruption

PITTSBURGH, PA. USA – April 19, 2016: Certes Networks, a leading innovator in software-defined security solutions to protect enterprise applications, is pleased to announce the latest addition to its reseller partner eco-system: Fishtech Labs.

Fishtech Labs is made up of a team of innovative security experts with proven methodologies supporting businesses in gaining operational efficiencies and improving their attitudes towards security strategies.Fishtech Labs Logo

Fishtech Labs is the latest company to recognize the significance of Certes Networks’ CryptoFlow application-aware security solutions. With key differentiators such as end-to-end software-defined security across users, devices and applications, as well as crypto-segmentation of applications both inside and outside the perimeter, Certes’ CryptoFlow solutions block lateral movement by hackers if a user is compromised or a firewall is breached, limiting the scope and mitigating damage.

About the new partnership, Dan Thormodsgaard, CTO, Fishtech Labs, comments, “The rapid development of next generation cloud technologies is taking the industry by storm, but of course this only increases the security risks for the companies adopting these technologies. Working with Certes Networks and its innovative CryptoFlow solutions will enable us to help organizations protect their applications, no matter where they sit on the network. The digital disruption is not about to stand still, so it’s important for organizations to have the necessary protections in place to enable these technologies to be embraced, but in a secure way.”

Satyam Tyagi, CTO, Certes Networks, adds, “We’re delighted to be working with the prestigious team at Fishtech Labs, especially given their previous successes within the security industry. Certes’ CryptoFlow solutions are the ideal fit for organizations embracing cloud technologies, and we’re excited for these solutions to reach a wider market with the help of Fishtech Labs.”

About Certes Networks
Certes Networks is leading the Software-Defined Security revolution. The company’s award-winning CryptoFlow® Solutions enable enterprise applications to be securely extended to any user on any device in any network, Cloud or virtual environment. Companies in 84 countries around the world rely on security solutions from Certes to protect access, accelerate application deployment, simplify network projects, reduce IT costs, contain breach threats, and shrink the enterprise attack surface. For more information, visit certesnetworks.com.

About Fishtech Labs
The emergence of next generation cloud technologies presents challenges to organizations that traditional On Network solutions do not address. Fishtech Labs is a team of innovative experts enabling organizations to embrace the benefits of next generation solutions. Our proven methodologies allow businesses to gain operational efficiencies while improving their security posture.
For more information, contact: Sarah Douglas | sarah.douglas@certesnetworks.com
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