PITTSBURGH, PA. USA – April 19, 2016: Certes Networks, a leading innovator in software-defined security solutions to protect enterprise applications, and ACENSI, the information systems consulting specialist, have partnered to help French enterprises adopt breach containment strategies and raise awareness of next generation security solutions.

Recent security breaches have shown that breach detection and prevention strategies are no longer enough to keep the hackers at bay. It is this, coupled with the need to change its existing security mind set and offering that led Benjamin Boulnois, Owner and Divisional Leader of Cybersecurity, ACENSI, to explore a partnership with Certes Networks.

ACENSI consults with its customers to assess their vulnerabilities and to provide a solution which in effect increases their security posture. As a top tier provider, the partnership will allow ACENSI to address three main issues with the help of Certes Networks’ CryptoFlow solutions. Benjamin explains, “The first issue is breach containment, which involves limiting the scope of a breach by containing it within one sector. The second is compliance, which is now a much bigger issue in France than it used to be. Third is mobility, as we are currently seeing the need to tackle security from a mobile standpoint. Alongside the credibility that Certes Networks has built and maintained during the last few years, this was the driver for ACENSI to explore a new, holistic way of looking at security.”

Targeting many of the same vertical markets, including Financial Services and the Public Sector to name but a few, the alignment of messages between Certes Networks and ACENSI has formed the basis of a perfect partnership. Paul German, VP EMEA, Certes Networks, adds, “The issues of breach containment, compliance and mobility are becoming increasingly relevant worldwide, and it’s important that these issues are addressed now, before we see even more devastating breaches unfold this year. Talking to and educating the market about the issues it is currently facing is critical, and this is exactly what the partnership with ACENSI and Certes Networks will facilitate.”

Benjamin concludes, “Certes Networks is now a critical part of the dialogue we’re having with our customers. Deploying security strategies to reduce the attack surface will be a key part of this, and we’re eager to seeing how our partnership with Certes Networks can really drive this change forward.”

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Certes Networks is leading the Software-Defined Security revolution. The company’s award-winning CryptoFlow® Solutions enable enterprise applications to be securely extended to any user on any device in any network, Cloud or virtual environment. Companies in 84 countries around the world rely on security solutions from Certes to protect access, accelerate application deployment, simplify network projects, reduce IT costs, contain breach threats, and shrink the enterprise attack surface. For more information, visit certesnetworks.com.


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