With the financial services industry becoming a target for hackers, it is no surprise that regulations are increasing to put pressure on organizations to protect their customer data. According to IBM, 200 million financial service records were breached in 2016, up a staggering 900% from 2015.

The regulations

The New York Department of Financial Services have introduced a set of stringent cybersecurity rules that require banks and other NYDFS-regulated companies to adhere to. The new requirements (23 NYCRR 500) came into effect on March 1st 2017, mandating firms to test their systems, establish plans to respond to cybersecurity events, and annually certify compliance with the cybersecurity requirements. All firms operating within the jurisdiction will have to prepare and submit a Certification of Compliance from February 15th 2018.

The requirements

How does Certes Networks help you comply with NYDFS?

Certes Networks’ patented Layer 4 stealth encryption is quick to deploy and easy to manage. The Certes Next Gen Encryptors are multi-layer encryption appliances that provide data protection and application segmentation. The Next Gen Encryptors integrate easily into any existing network. They operate transparently to the network infrastructure, which ensures all data is encrypted without impacting network performance.

  • Encryption: Protects data in motion across any network without impacting overall network performance with Packet Level Encryption
  • Control: Patented centralized and automated control of keys and policies at enterprise scale.
  • Ease of Deployment: 100% Software-Defined. Eliminating the need to re-architect the network or replace legacy applications enables rapid implementation.
  • Scale: Encryption can be seamlessly overlayed onto multiple providers’ networks to support entire national or global infrastructure.
  • Third party protection: Lower risk use of third-party resources, including Cloud, WAN, MPLS Cloud

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