Layer 4 encryption solutions from Certes offer the industry’s most advanced protection for sensitive data in motion over the WAN.

The patented Layer 4 encryption capabilities provide unmatched flexibility to secure your enterprise traffic without requiring changes to your infrastructure or applications.  Now you can simply and easily safeguard enterprise data communications shared across WANs, Clouds, remote sites, data centers, backup and recovery sites and other use cases involving third-party networks and external IT environments.

Layer 4 Encryption & Bring Your Own Trust

The Zero-Trust WAN solution featuring Layer 4 encryption also incorporates Certes’ groundbreaking “Bring Your Own Trust” security technology that evolves your trust model for the modern IT environment.

Traditional trust models are heavily dependent on inflexible infrastructure to enforce trust. But attackers are easily exploiting this outdated model, compromising networks and stealing billions of records.

Certes’ solutions make it easy to adopt modern Zero Trust Security models and block the top attack vector in breaches around the world.

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Adopt a “Bring Your Own Trust” Strategy to Fix IT Security

Software-Defined Security Creates the Elastic Perimeter

Zero-Trust WAN

Zero-Trust WAN

Protect traffic over any third-party network

Zero-Trust Access Control

Zero-Trust Access Control

Cut the attack surface with Role-Based Access Control

Safeguard ATM network traffic over any Wide Area Network connection. Block the #1 Attack Vector causing ATM network data breaches. Learn more.