Trust is the foundation of IT security but the trust model of today’s security architecture is broken


Which networks do you
own, control and trust?


Which users can you
identify and trust?


Which devices do you
know and trust?

Trust requires new security thinking

IT has evolved beyond the old model of a “trusted” enterprise network protected by firewalls. Infrastructures today are boundary-less, spreading our sensitive data around networks, users, devices, partners and clouds we don’t own or control.

Given the escalating threat landscape there is growing acceptance that breach is a ‘when’ not ‘if’ event. Organizations are evolving beyond perimeter-only security models to increasingly lock down data – both at rest and in motion. Encryption is a fundamental component of the defence in depth security model.

To be effective, encryption must enhance not constrain IT evolution. By decoupling encryption from the network, Certes Technologies’ patented Layer 4 encryption overcomes the compromise demanded by traditional encryption models.

Certes stealth mode operation means only data is encrypted, network information is still visible

  • No compromise on network performance
  • Rapid deployment
  • Ease of management
  • All data looks malformed and worthless, meaning a hacker has no idea whether the data is sensitive or not
  • Troubleshooting can be undertaken while encryption is turned on because key network information – such as protocol or source and destination ports – is still visible
  • Data in motion is secure without compromising operational performance

Certes patented Layer 4 stealth encryption
extends trust across the WAN

  • Unique keying and policy engine re-aligns trust around keys, user identity and credentials
  • Patented centralized and automated control of keys and policies at enterprise scale
  • 100% Software-Defined: no network or application changes
  • Cryptographic segmentation: isolates and protects data in motion with strong encryption on any network
  • Lower risk use of third-party resources: Cloud, WAN, MPLS Cloud

Rethink Security, Rethink Encryption, Rethink Trust

Certes Networks’ patented Layer 4 stealth encryption is quick to deploy and easy to manage. It facilitates business agility in today’s digital world, whilst enabling and maintaining regulatory compliance.  Encryption Without Compromise extends trust across the WAN.  It puts the CISO back in control of the organization’s security.

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