Simple, Scalable
ATM Network Security

Safe Connectivity
Over any WAN

You Define & Control
Policies & Keys

'Bring Your Own Trust' to Secure Networks of Automated Teller Machines

ATM network security is broken, letting hackers steal millions from unprotected ATM machines.

That’s because the data in motion on these networks is inadequately segmented or protected. Once they have compromised an ATM kiosk, attackers exploit this vulnerability to move laterally from system to system.

Better ATM Network Security Today

The Certes Zero-Trust Security (ZTS) Platform blocks the #1 attack vector hitting ATM networks. Deployed to protect thousands of banking systems around the world, the ZTS Platform safeguards financial transactions over Private WAN, SD-WAN, Cloud WAN, MPLS, NFV, SDN and other networking services.

You alone are in control of security. The ZTS Platform enables you to “Bring Your Own Trust” and not be dependent on a service provider or hardware vendor to maintain and enforce trust and security.

  • Adopt “Zero Trust” security that cuts breach risk
  • Isolate ATM kiosks with crypto-segmentation: block hacker lateral movement
  • Throughput of up to 10 Gbps with full encryption
  • Secure transactions, video feeds, interactive kiosk features, all protected without impacting performance
  • Deploy ATMs faster with point-and-click provisioning of secure communications
  • Simplify and accelerate security compliance audits
  • Add a critical “defense in depth” layer of security that stops attackers even if they compromise other systems
  • One point of control for simple policy definition & enforcement
  • AES-256-GCM encryption
  • Patented policy engine proven in nearly 20 years of successful IT security implementations

Case Study: Secure ATM Network

A large national bank began an aggressive countrywide implementation of new ATMs. The bank selected Certes Networks’ solutions to provide end-to-end communications security for the ATM networks. In production deployment since 2013, the Certes solution has permitted the bank to:

Provision secure connections to new ATM machines in seconds.

Deploy ATM traffic backhaul to the data centers and clearinghouse services over very low cost networks, cutting the traditional costs of private lines or WAN connections.

Isolate ATM transaction traffic with a “Zero Trust” security posture.

Pass security audits in a fraction of the time thanks to centralized reporting.

Layer new applications into the network for advanced ATM functions with a few points and clicks.

Download the ATM Network Security Solution Note


Solution Note

Download the ATM Network solution note to learn more!

How it works

CryptoFlow® Creator

  • Simple, point-and-click creation of trust policies
  • Central creation and management of high scalability group keying
  • Determines which users can access which applications based on roles
  • Determines how enterprise data traffic should be protected on networks or Clouds

CryptoFlow® Enforcer

  • Software-based policy enforcement module
  • Plugs into network, data center, cloud, remote office or other location
  • Inspects traffic, isolates applications, enforces access control
  • Encrypts traffic with patented high scalability cryptographic key management technology


  • Single Platform: Consistent, persistent protection for applications across Data Center, Cloud, LAN, WAN, Mobile, Internet
  • 100% Software-Defined: No network or application changes
  • Cryptographic Segmentation: Cryptographically isolates each application using AES-256-GCM encryption
  • High-Agility Security: Point-and-click security provisioning for accelerated application roll out to more users
  • Zero Trust with Zero Impact: Implement modern Zero Trust security with no changes to applications or network

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